Did someone say DOG PARADE?!!

Dog Parade 3

Yes, yes they did. Also, LIVE, NUDE animal drawing salon with artist Kathleen Henderson and an evening of mad animal stories and incredible short films at Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland. People, it doesn’t get better than this. Sept 27th. Be there, be festive, and steal a dog if you don’t have one (just promise to return it right after).


This is an entire day of animal fun. Please join for as much or as little as you’d like.

11am-12pm DOG PARADE:

We are meeting at 11am at the Fairyland sign at Lake Merritt at 11am. Come in your most festive interspecies attire as the parade is being LIVE DRAWN by Wendy MacNaughton. There will be prizes by Paco Dog Collars for dogs who look most like their owners, the best anthropomorphic dog costume that the dog doesn’t want to take off, and more! The parade will last about an hour and will end at Creative Growth Art Center on 24th St. where there will be animal art and books for sale and ice cream by Three Twins. Don’t forget to check out the gallery too.


Join the incredibly talented artist Kathleen Henderson for a two hour, totally free (just sign up here) drawing workshop in the studio at Creative Growth. You will be drawing from live animal models: everyone from old dogs to rabbits and a parrot. Kathleen will lead you through the best ways to capture the spirit of the creature in front of you in pen, ink, charcoal or any other media you prefer.

This workshop is free with RSVP.


Have you ever seen the animated short film “Caninibis, the junkie dog?” Have you heard of the Oregon Department of Kickass? Would you like to know what makes a bonobo a great lover? Want to be warned away from overconsumption of alcohol by a troop of real, live cats? Have you checked out the images of the incredible human-other-animal-photographer Corey Arnold? Want to hear a song for Shih-tzus?

Come hear some of the West’s best storytellers, artists and filmmakers talk about animals, and see a series of incredible SHORT FILMS (from a vintage animation about a marijuana-loving dog to pretty much the best anti-drinking PSA ever, featuring actual cat actors, all from the archives of Oddball Films). This is a celebration of animal minds on the fringe, hosted by Laurel Braitman (author of Animal Madness: How anxious dogs, compulsive parrots, and elephants in recovery help us understand ourselves) who thinks it’s awfully overrated to be considered normal.

Beer, wine, delicious cocktails inspired by cures for rabies: $2-4 dollars. Tickets are $15 and available HERE.

Doors (and bar) open at 6pm. Show starts at 7pm.

Creative Growth Art Center. 355 24th St, Oakland, CA 94612


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