Jon Mooallem has a book out . You should buy it. It’s fantastic. It’s about his daughter and America and cranes, bears, butterflies and a whale named Humphrey. It’s basically about what it means to be a human right now and not another kind of animal. How confusing that is, so much of the damn time.

To celebrate, he’s collaborating with Pop Up Magazine. You can read more about the show, June 12th in San Francisco, here. Michael Pollan will be reading and lots of other great folks and Black Prairie will be playing. Tickets sold out in less than five minutes. I’m IN the show and I couldn’t buy any. My mom even snuck out of jury duty to try and buy them and she couldn’t. Sorry about that. There’s a waiting list. You can sign up.

But no matter what, you should read the book.

Wild Ones Cover