Truman the Hound Dog

When Erica and Marnie adopted Truman the hound dog they didn’t know that they were also adopting a foxtail that was buried deep inside of his chest. They found out three weeks later, when he almost died. Luckily a team of surgeons saved Truman and he is back to sniffing, walking, looking philosophical, and other hounddoggery. The trouble? His first four weeks with his adopted family cost them more than 10,000 dollars.

This Friday Truman is having a fundraiser and it’s going to be great. Come to El Rio in San Francisco from 4-7pm September 13th, for happy hour. Drink proceeds go to Truman’s healthcare expenses and so do $5 raffle tickets for wonderful things like original drawings by Wendy MacNaughton, Go-Go’s vinyl, massages, signed books by Mary Roach, and more.

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