Thank you TED

I am still in a fog from TED last week in Long Beach. It was a magical eight days. I am beyond grateful to the TED Fellows program for bringing me, for giving me and the animals a platform, and for throwing me into a community so vast and interesting that a week later I am homesick for something that three weeks ago I didn’t even know existed. Two of my favorite talks:

Talks that are not up on yet that I am eagerly waiting for are Jon Ronson‘s on psychopaths and Sarah Parcak‘s on doing archeology from space. Not to mention EVERY single one of the TED Fellows‘ talks. We were neuroscientists, performance artists, inventors, humanitarians, marine biologists, doctors, designers, engineers, musicians and more. We were from Sri Lanka, Kenya, England, France, Korea, Uganda, Lebanon, Mexico, Ireland, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Pakistan, India and the US. We ate, we drank, we talked into the wee hours, we schemed, we got nervous and wildly relieved, we planned to stockpile free snacks and then forgot, and we even tried to sneak onto someone’s yacht. My respect and affection for these individuals knows no bounds.

8 Comments on “Thank you TED

  1. Thanks guys! I have no idea actually. They make no guarantees…so keep your paws crossed that it happens. xo

  2. Wow and double Wow, you gave a talk at TED! I hope it will get posted soon.
    What a wonderful photo behind you too!

  3. Hi Ann! Thanks so much. You were there in spirit. Hope you and Mary and Toughie and the rest are doing well! xo

  4. Holy cow. I just watched the Bryan Stevenson talk that you posted and was absolutely blown away. I really feel like I am not the same person I was 25 mins ago. I am excited to see the other one you posted! It sounds like such an incredibly fun and life changing week LSB. Thank you for sharing it!

  5. Nancy! I actually thought of you while I was listening to Bryan’s talk. xo

  6. You are way too kind to me.
    Just watched Susan Cain’s and LOVED it. It made me feel better about myself, and also made me a little afraid of our obvious bias in DCPS toward “group work.” It seems strange that I never picked up on it before. I am going to bring both of these talks to work. Again, LSB, thank you so much!

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