I’m a buffalo, I do what I want

I’m back in SF, trying to finish the book but my headheart is full of buffalo, wolves, eagle cries, and the good people of the Buffalo Field Campaign. Go volunteer right now. They’ll put you up inside a cabin that feels like a pirate ship. They’ll feed you three meals a day. If you’re lucky, at least one will include road kill. There’s a dog named Dingo and a cat that drools on command. And you get to cross country ski every day to help out the buffalo.

Ps. If you can’t volunteer, send them dollars. Or buy a calendar. Or some buffalo nickels for your hair.

2 Comments on “I’m a buffalo, I do what I want

  1. Best wishes on Animal Madness – looking forward to picking up a copy! Thanks for putting in a plug for the Buffalo Field Campaign – I volunteered years ago for a week. And I am not as young as you are! 🙂 But it was a great experience … and your description is so spot on! What an adventure for anyone wishing to do something positive!

  2. Thank you so much!! And for the record, I’m not thaaaat young. 🙂

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