dessert first

Today I took a leap ahead of the last two chapters and wrote the last two paragraphs of the book. It felt really good.

I’ve also been re-readng Mark Doty’s Dog Years. What a fucking good book.

5 Comments on “dessert first

  1. That is SO awesome! Incredible that you could write the last two paragraphs. I bet they’ve been building in you since the beginning. It’s going to be hard not to flip to the last page and read them first when I get my hands on Animal Madness.

    I have never been so excited for a book to come out.

    Two other quick little things- 1) Watching other people’s faces watching the Bluegrass for songbird clip is as close to Christmas as I’ve come since I was about 8. The absolute wonder and joy just radiates, you know? I started a meeting with that clip the other day and it totally transformed the group and the quality of what we accomplished through meeting. Thank you!

    2) A quick story about Downtown Leroy Brown- When Leroy was a wee pup, my sister Sarah Virginia came to visit. She slept on our blow-up mattress in the basement and although Leroy is not allowed on any beds ever, Sarah reasoned that a blow-up mattress isn’t really a bed and she welcomed his furry self between the sheets. Fast forward a year later-Sarah returned to our house this December. She and Leroy reconnected. (Wag wag wag, pet pet pet, excited noises, etc.) I assumed Leroy didn’t really remember Sarah but was just being his devastatingly charming self. Oh, how wrong I was!!! That night when Sarah was taking a shower, guess who jumped onto her bed? Yes, Sir Beans! Now, LSB, how did he know to do that? We have had countless guests in our house since Sarah was here last year and he has not gotten into THEIR bed. Additionally, this was our guest bed and not the blow-up mattress! This was a second bedroom and not the basement! Sarah swears she was as shocked- while gleefully delighted- as I was. Maybe elephants alone didn’t corner memory’s market? Or, maybe Leroy has ESP? (While I believe Sarah didn’t tell Leroy he could get on her bed, I am sure she was thinking it.) Or…?

    Have fun writing the last two chapters! As ever, you are a serious inspiration.

  2. I am so glad you watched the bluegrass bird clip….and that it helped your meeting! It’s hard to imagine anything bad happening after watching that. Good teachers are really just like that bird.
    And…Downtown Leroy Brown!! I love this story. He really had never jumped up on the bed when anyone else came to stay? That is so funny and great. I’m sure he remembered her. And let’s also be honest, he isn’t the only species that would kill to jump in her bed. The girl is gorgeous 🙂
    Leroy Brown is most definitely intelligent and probably also very, very good at reading people.
    And you’re right, elephants alone don’t corner memory’s market. And neither do we.

    Thanks for being an inspiration yourself, Nancy. I hope you’re writing too.

  3. Ha! So true, LSB! She is gorgeous. Guess he was just being a super savvy flirt. (He gets that from me.)

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