Write no…

Dearest people (and other animals) of the internet,

In order to write the book to which this website is devoted I need to go offline until March.

Thank you so much for visiting and please come back in six months for more spellbinding accounts of animal minds doing what they do best. In the mean time, go play harmonica for a nonhuman.



5 Comments on “Write no…

  1. damn, just missed you, but signed up for when you get back to bloggin. your essay ‘of mice and mania’ (Cabinet #40) was a delight.

  2. Hi Alex, Thanks so much for reading the Cabinet piece and for finding me here. Take care!

  3. Looks like I just missed you as well… really, really interesting stuff. I look forward to reading more (and chiming in with some comments) in March. BTW, I have a picture of myself on that bench as well (I opted to plug my nose). Good luck writing!


  4. Hi Adam, thanks so much for your message! You can probably tell a lot about a person by what parts of themselves they choose to cover up on that bench. 🙂 Please come back in March…and in the meantime, I am posting occasionally on the dread facebooks…
    All the best to you,

  5. Good luck writing! But in the meantime, I am going to email you a couple of videos from my phone as someone in this house greatly enjoys playing the harmonica for a nonhuman. Mika

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