HEADLINE: “Depressed ferret escapes circus with ape and parrot in tow”

In Russia, a ferret, parrot and monkey escaped a circus where staff claimed that they ran away because they were “depressed.”

“We believe that the animals escaped due to depression, since we have had unremitting rains here in Chita,” performance director of the circus Zhanna Lazerson told Interfax news agency.”

“We later found the ape in a dog’s cage, where they slept together hugging,” she added.”

As for the ferret, ‘He’s used to humans; he knows how to open doors and comes if you pat on your leg. I knew there was an escaped ferret, so I took him to a zoo,” the finder, Ivan Furtsev, said.’

The parrot is still on the loose.




The door opening, pant-leg patting ferret that was turned into the zoo was not the actual missing ferret.

According to an article in the Moscow Times, the “circus art director Zhanna Lazerson rejected the ferret after examining it at the zoo.

“It’s not our ferret,” she said…

Lazerson said earlier that the circus wasn’t exactly missing its ferret, calling the animal a “terrible glutton, idle to the core.”

North Caucasus Democracy by Kukka Ranta

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