what’s in Jayzee’s stomach

What used to be in there was a balloon. And some driftwood. Here’s a close up.

Jayzee is an elephant seal pup currently in residence at the Marine Mammal Center in California. He came in for malnutrition, weighing only 34 pounds. When he gains enough weight and learns how to fish, the Center staff will heave him into a metal crate, lug it down to the beach, and let him go.

Balloons that go up, come down somewhere else. If you’re an English girl named Laura Buxton, your balloon might wind up with someone with your very same name and very same age. But if it doesn’t, it can land in the ocean. Where the balloons may confuse sea turtles, sea lions or seals who think that they’re jellyfish or something else delicious. Release something else instead.

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