who are you and what are you doing here

One thing about having a blog that no one warns you about is that, even with the numskull I-know-only-enough-internet-to-use-a-prefab-blog-platform you can still see how people find you that visit your site. Don’t worry, I can’t see WHO you are. I can only see if you found this place using keyword searches. But here’s the thing…Ever since I posted about what I like to call anthropomorpha-porn and the site www.catswholooklikehitler.com the daily searches that are bringing people here (from places like google.com) are “rabbits who look like Hitler” “animals who look like Hitler” “cats who look like Hitler” “llama hitler” and more. It’s a like an Ark for the Third Reich. Whoever you are, I am both perplexed and fascinated by you. It also reminds me a bit of college.

My sophomore and junior years I lived in a house of women who loved to throw parties with ice luges and barbque. We had luaus in February in upstate NY and holiday parties that lasted for days. I remember most of it. Often though, late at night, a random man in a cow suit would show up. He wasn’t invited. He was much older. Sometimes he came with a young man with a mohawk. I think he drank our empties that weren’t totally empty. And bummed cigarettes. I am not yet sure, unnamed Hitler-animal masses, if you are like the man in the cow suit. But I intend to find out.

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