Momo. Not an IT.


Momo is Japanese for peach. Photo: Reuters

Momo weighs 6.6 pounds, is seven years old and has joined the Japanese police force in order to help recover bodies. She is, apparently, the world’s smallest police dog.

According to the Guardian, “Nara’s prefectural police department operates an equal opportunities canine employment policy, but officials admitted that Momo’s elevation to the ranks of police dog had taken them by surprise. “Any breed of dog can be entered to become a police dog in the search-and-rescue division,” a police spokesman told Reuters. But he added: “It’s quite unusual.””

The UK’s Daily Mail quoted a Nara police department official: “‘We would like it to work hard by taking advantage of its small size.”

Poor Momo is not an “it.” I hope it’s just poor translation.

Watch a video of HER running and also wearing a hooded jacket..

Also….RILEY is in the news. I hope his Mrs Supervisor is happy.

2 Comments on “Momo. Not an IT.

  1. Laurel –
    I’d have to see the actual sentence to know exactly what was meant, but I doubt he was verbally objectifying the dog.

    Japanese doesn’t really have gendered pronouns and often include “(it) is” or “isn’t it” in their verbal idioms, and it wouldn’t be at all strange for a British person to mean “the situation is unusual”.

    I’m guessing that the original quote was something like “Hiyau desu” (lit. “unusual/skillful (it) is”) with “the hiring of such a small dog” as the implied subject, carried over from the previous sentence.

    See you Monday(?),


  2. Ben! Thank you for this. I had no idea you spoke Japanese. I, quite obviously, do not. Thanks for reading..and also shedding light on “this situation.” Yes…see you Monday!

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