Macaques show self doubt, also become friends with rabbits

Yesterday I met a macaque whose legs and one arm had been ripped off by dogs. He dragged himself to a temple where people found him and cared for his wounds. He is now recovered and living in Ayutthaya, Thailand….near the ancient elephant Kraal. Despite only having one arm and no legs, he seems to be doing alright, if a little lonely.

His caregivers though have given him a rabbit companion….who he grooms in the mornings, and also chases around from time to time. His last rabbit had babies, and he was so protective of them he didn’t sleep for a few days.

This morning I opened my email to find this article, sent by a friend. From the BBC, “US-based scientists found that macaques will “pass” rather than risk choosing the wrong answer in a brainteaser task. Awareness of our own thinking was believed to be a uniquely human trait.” The PI of the study told the BBC that “Monkeys apparently appreciate when they are likely to make an error. They seem to know when they don’t know.”

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