Girls and Animals…on NPR

Me and unnamed donkey at my family's place...sometime in the early 1980s

So the Kitchen Sisters piece aired on All Things Considered and I am bummed that the donkey interview I did didn’t make it in at all and instead they used some general thoughts…just musing about topics I really don’t know anything about. It was only a short piece, perhaps donkeys were too off topic.

After hearing the part about the power of swimming with a captive dolphin, I was also moved to post this response on

As someone quoted in the article (and radio piece)  I want to….second a comment below, that swimming with captive dolphins, and letting them pull you to and fro, while no doubt a scintillating and awe-inspiring experience, is not something we humans should be up to. It’s much better to have a relationship with a nonhuman who is *choosing* to spend time with you. Not due to lack of choice, or because they are being paid in fish. As for the complex world of gender development, identification and performance…I imagine 8 minutes was not enough time to delve into such a layered topic. But I agree with some of the posters that the association of women and girls with unicorns, horses and dolphins has more to do with society than INDIVIDUAL womens’ (and mens’!) interests in the creatures themselves. That is, I believe, not a gender issue but one of human curiosity and wonder.

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